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After a lot of growth and development, the brand has changed from using top-grade recycled materials to using all organic and sustainable fibers. While meeting the needs of women in all walks of life, we strive to save the planet and energy as much as possible. In today's world, body image can be a fierce struggle. This is also our mission. It emphasizes the beauty of women, making them feel as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside, while maintaining environmental awareness.
All clothes are made in a small studio on our land, and we are developing a studio to create a self-sustaining home. Creating a work with firm love, intent and integrity for each client is a powerful process. Many of our fabric options are hand dyed in small batches of low impact dyes. Using as many gifts and sustainable materials on the planet will take root and heal not only for us, but for anyone who chooses to wear this kind of clothes. We are deeply grateful for every drop of support we will continue to receive. We look forward to sharing this creative process with you, it is an honor.
Use sustainable fabrics to ensure we can provide you with durable, environmentally friendly and high quality clothing! Over the years, we have found fabrics that meet our goals, such as bamboo, cotton, linen and tencel!Each item details the fabrics we use!
Colors may vary depending on the photos or the light on the screen, but since each piece of clothing is dyed by hand, the color changes, undulations, patterns, etc. Always different. Please open the order when ordering, otherwise this dye style may not be suitable for you!
I am honored to dress for every customer. Thank you very much for supporting me. I treat and create every order with great respect and care.
Everything is first-hand. Your clothes don't take a detour. From fabric selection, printing and sewing to distribution, clothing is your most direct way.